Why do people hate,or steer away from the brindle color ?

The brindle bully is a bad boy or girl.. but what’s wrong ? Brindle is a dominant color ! Which means the brindle genes are strong and 2 brindle bred together means most likely all brindle pups . Buts what’s wrong with that ! Tri color dogs are the most popular by far now.. but dogs shouldn’t be breed on color alone and my top 3 are ! Agree or disagree

1. Temperament.

Should be #1 on everyone list . Unstable dogs are dangerous.

2. Health history

The dogs must be active and healthy. Health testing i.e. hip dysplasia or any other irregularities vet vists! Make sure your dog is healthy .

3. Physical attributes

The dogs must look like the part , and fit the standard regardless of class.


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