Dog fighting still exists!

They call it racing or hunting, but in reality it’s dog fighting!


These photos are all from Facebook! It took merely one day to obtain these photos and this evidence! This shouldn’t be allowed to happen! Why doesn’t Facebook delete these groups ?

Inbreeding experiments with these beautiful animals . With these results!

Battle scares !

Bred and train to want to kill ! So aggressive that no dog around them are safe ! Not even 6 week old pups or a mom who won’t stop eating her whole litter!

The conditions! They don’t deserve this ! The willingness to die for an owner who doesn’t even care ! Those people don’t deserve your loyalty!

A 53 min fight !

They post pedigrees with # of wins how is this allowed !

The evidence!

These beautiful loyal dogs don’t deserve to be treated like this ! Pls share and let’s put a end to the abuse of PIT BULLS !

Ps. Death threats won’t stop nothing!


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